World Class Coated Steel – Steel is the ultimate design material

ZincalSteel is the ultimate design material – light yet very strong, highly versatile, thermally efficient, fire resistant and yes, its green!

Safintra recommends only world class materials for a service life appropriate to the life of the building. Aluminium-Zinc (AZ) coated steel is produced by Safal Steel using the world’s leading metal coating technology.

ZincAL® is a classic unpainted AZ coated steel, and COLORPLUS® is factory pre-painted onto a ZincAL substrate. When used in the correct application, you can be sure of:

  • Considerable increase in service life (due to 4 times greater corrosion resistance*)
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Lasting aesthetic value
  • The full technical backup of a globally recognised product produced in South Africa, and locally supported.**

* Global research has established that the performance of aluminium-zinc coated steel extends the service life of the steel core to 4 times longer than that of an equivalent Zinc galvanised sheet of the same coating thickness and used in the same application.

** Material Warranties are available from Safal Steel on request subject to certain terms and conditions.

The technique of coating steel with an alloy of Aluminium and Zinc (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon) has been extensively researched and the proven performance surpasses that of traditional galvanised steel.