Cleaning Products


Galv-etch is an easy-to-work-with, non-corrosive, water-based liquid. It chemically removes the fatty layers and impurities which are responsible for peeling paint. It also etches metals, leaving the surface rough for paint to adhere successfully without the need for a primer.

MTS Hand Cleaner With Grit 5kg

Contains grit and lanolin and is an antiseptic which cleans with or without water
Gentle abrasive action loosens grease and grime. Wipe off with paper towel or waste rags or wash off with water
Removes grease, grime, ink, tar, carbon, wet paint and ingrained dirt


Removes annealing colours, welding scale and corrosion, traces of oil and grease from stainless steel surfaces Surfaces are brightened and show a brilliant optical effect. The indicator achieves controllable spraying and reduction of the emission of poisonous and nitrous gases. Cleaning of slightly greasy surfaces Control of reaction (decolorization) Code Size Packing MAT0875 2Kg Each

Grease cutter

Water/solvent based heavy duty alkaline degreaser. Suitable for degreasing steel, factory & workshop floor areas. Use with high pressure cleaning equipment. Non corrosive to aluminium and alloys. Is safe to use on most vehicle paint surfaces when rinced thoroughly Dilute to specific requirements:

start with 50ml/1lt, increase concentration for stronger effects.

Rust away

Disolves Oixidezed Iron. Although Rustaway is not a lubricant, it does loosen hinges, bolts, nuts, tools, ect leaving a thin protective layer over the metal prepping the surface for desired lubrication. Spray on application or submerge for heavier rust. Keep Appling Rustaway until resided outcome is met. For use in garage, workshops or industrial applications. Dilute 50% with water for slight rust or use undulated for heavy corrosion