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ZincalSteel is the ultimate design material – light yet very strong, highly versatile, thermally efficient, fire resistant and yes, its green!

We recommend only world class materials for a service life appropriate to the life of the building. Aluminium-Zinc (AZ) coated steel is produced by Safal Steel using the world’s leading metal coating technology.

ZincAL® is a classic unpainted AZ coated steel, and COLORPLUS® is factory pre-painted onto a ZincAL substrate. When used in the correct application, you can be sure of:

  • Considerable increase in service life (due to 4 times greater corrosion resistance*)
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Lasting aesthetic value
  • The full technical backup of a globally recognised product produced in South Africa, and locally supported.**

* Global research has established that the performance of aluminium-zinc coated steel extends the service life of the steel core to 4 times longer than that of an equivalent Zinc galvanised sheet of the same coating thickness and used in the same application.

** Material Warranties are available from Safal Steel on request subject to certain terms and conditions.

The technique of coating steel with an alloy of Aluminium and Zinc (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon) has been extensively researched and the proven performance surpasses that of traditional galvanised steel.


Carefully selected to endure the harsh African climate

All the advantages of ZincAL® performance with the option of colour for added aesthetic appeal


COLORPLUS® is a factory pre-painted sheet with a ZincAL® substrate, giving you all the advantages of ZincAL® performance with the option of colour for added aesthetic appeal. COLORPLUS® is an appealing option for all building applications. The technologically superior paint system has been carefully selected to endure the harsh African climate with optimal colour-coating performance.

The paint used on COLORPLUS® limits chalking, and ensures optimal colour fastness.  The modified polymer system also helps to resist dirt or contaminant retention, ensuring that the building stays clean and the colour is fresh-looking for as long as possible.

COLORPLUS® is available in the following standard colours:


NATRALITE® is a polycarbonate profiled sheeting product manufactured by one of the worlds leading suppliers of plastic sheets. Natralite profiled polycarbonate is ideal for industrial buildings, domestic structures, greenhouses and skylight applications. Natralite is the ideal choice for Architects and specifiers for non-corrosive industrial structural roofing and siding (cladding), while homeowners prefer natralite for a a wide range of DIY projects. Natralite is available in a wide variety of colours and profiles such as corrugated and IBR. Natralite carries a 10 year written guarantee.

99% UV Protection
Lets the light in while being an effective barrier preventing the infiltration of harmful UV radiation.
Fire Resistant
Self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and excellent fire resistant properties.
Chemical Resistance
Polycarbonate has good resistance to many harsh chemicals including serveral mineral and organic acids, oxidising agents etc. (with the exception of solvents and alkalis).
Wind load Resistant
Suitable for use in high wind areas, perfect for South African weather.
Weather Resistant Warranty
Breakage will not occur as a result of hailstones measuring up to 15mm in diameter for a period of 3 years.
Sustainable Material
NATRALITE® can be recycled and no waste is created in the production process. NATRALITE® is also heavy metal free.
Light and Heat Transmission
Lets the light in while keeping the heat out for maximum comfort. 90% light transmission.
10 Year Guarentee
Natralite polycarbonate roofing features 10 year Warranty which includes superior performance against loss of light transmission.

natralite profiles

Natralite Polycarbonate TRANSMISSION

CLEAR       80 – 90%

WHITE       45 – 50%

GREEN & BLUE       40%

BRONZE       35%






  • IBR AND CORRUGATED roof sheeting
  • 0,20 ECONO GALV – standard sheets in stock
  • 0.30 ECONO GALV – standard sheets in stock
  • 0,45 ZINCAL – cut to size any length up to 13,200 meters
  • BARGE BOARDS – 90º
  • RIDGE CAPPING – 45º (v-shape) plain and rolltop
  • CLOSURES – metal and Sponge (poly buttons) type
  • CUSTOM FLASHINGS on request
  • (COLORPLUS) colour coated sheets available on request
  • (POLYCARB) colour polycarbonate sheets also available
  • ROOFING SCREWS & NAILS for steel and timber

Roofing Gallery

Available on request. Single and Double Sided


Alububble® is a superior performance radiant barrier material, simple to use and cost effective.

This product is manufactured using a modern sophisticated continuous laminating process which consists of a layer of low density Polyethylene air cells laminated on both sides with aluminium foil or alternatively on one side with a white polyethylene layer which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to the underside.

Alububble® uses the thermos principal of providing a reflective barrier along with adjacent air space to keep the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

Alububble® will not propagate fire and does not present a fire hazard when installed in a building.