NATRALITE® is a polycarbonate profiled sheeting product manufactred by one of the worlds leading suppliers of plastic sheets. Natralite profiled polycarbonate is ideal for industrian buildings, domestic structures, greenhouses and skylight applications. Natralite is the ideal choice for Architects and specifiers for non-corrosive industrial structural roofing and siding (cladding), while homeowners prefer natralite for a a wide range of DIY projects. Natralite is available in a wide variety of colours and profiles such as corrugated and IBR. Natralite carries a 10 year written guarantee.

99% UV Protection

Lets the light in while being an effective barrier preventing the infiltration of harmful UV radiation.

Fire Resistant

Self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and excellent fire resistant properties

Wind load Resistant

Suitable for use in high wind areas, perfect for South African weather.

Weather Resistant Warranty

Breakage will not occur as a result of hailstones measuring up to 15mm in diameter for a period of 3 years.

Sustainable Material

NATRALITE® can be recycled and no waste is created in the production process. NATRALITE® is also heavy metal free. Duroplastic is committed to a sustainable planet.

Light and Heat Transmission

Lets the light in while keeping the heat out for maximum comfort. 90% light transmission

10 Year Guarentee

Our polycarbonate roofing features 10 year Warranty which includes superior performance against loss of light transmission.

Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate has good resistance to many harsh chemicals including serveral mineral and organic acids, oxidising agents etc. (with the exception of solvents and alkalis).

natralite profiles

 Natralite Polycarbonate TRANSMISSION

CLEAR       80 – 90%

WHITE       45 – 50%

GREEN & BLUE       40%

BRONZE       35%