Light Duty & Cavity

Product Name Product Image Product Description Guide
Nylon Plug  IKA Nylon Plug/Cavity plug.  Use with screws or coach screws in solid concrete or brick.
IKA Block Plug IKA Nylon Cavity Plug. Use with screws in cavity brick, lightweight materials, aerated blockwork and hollow blockwork.
Nylon Plasterboard Self Drill Plug IKA Nylon Self-drilling Screwplug for use in Plasterboard for secure fixing.
Metal Plasterboard Self Drill Plug  IKA Metal Self-drilling Screwplug for use in Plasterboard.
Nylon Hammer-in Fixing Screw  IKA Nylon Nailin/Hammer In/Hammer Screw. Use in solid materials for quick fixing solutions.
Metal Hammer Fixing IKA Metal Nailin/ Hammer In/Security Fixing, Zammac Hammer Drive.  Higher load, tamper-proof, security fixing.
IKA Express Nail IKA Express Nail.  Fast, economical fixing for fixing timber and metal to solid brick and concrete.
Masonary Nails  Don Quichotte European made, highest quality concrete nails.
Frame Fixings 2 Wings IKA Higher load Frame Fixing.  Heavy gauge screw with nylon anti-rotation plug.
PVCu Frame Fixings  IKA Frame Fixing for direct mounting of PVC-U window frames to solid brickwork and masonry.
Coach Screws IKA zinc plated coach screws for secure fixing into solid materials.
Eye and Hook Screws IKA Hook and Eye Screws may be screwed directly into timber or with wall plugs into concrete or brick. No PDF Doc, don’t have a product description.
IKA Screwbolt  IKA Screw bolt cuts its own thread into solid concrete or brick and may be removed and re-used.
Nylon Toggle Cavity Fixing Nylon Toggle Cavity Fixing IKA Nylon Cavity Toggle for lightweight fixing into plasterboard, removable.
All Metal Cavity Fixing IKA Interset Cavity Fixing for heavier cavity fixing into timber and plaster board.
Spring Toggle Cavity Fixing Page27B IKA Spring Toggle for lightweight fixing into plasterboard popular ceiling anchor.
Gravity Toggle Cavity Fixing IKA Gravity Toggle for heavier fixing applications into cavity materials.
Express Tie Wire Anchor Ceiling Hanger IKA Express Tie Wire Anchor for use into slabs for ceiling and other suspension applications.
Throughbolt Type Tie Wire Ceiling Hanger IKA Wire Hanger Anchor for use into slabs for ceiling and other suspension applications.
Purling Clip and Buckle Ceiling Hanger IKA Purlin Clips are the preferred method of suspension of ceilings from roof purlins. The IKA Purlin Buckle is a higher load anchor for suspension of bulkheads, pipes and other heavy applications.