Chemical Bonded Anchors

Product Name Product Image Product Description Guide
IKA Spin-in Chemical Capsule Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA SPIN-IN CHEMICAL  ANCHOR CAPSULES used with threaded studs or bar for reliable anchoring in concrete or solid brick or stone.
IKA Hammer-in Chemical Capsule Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA HAMMER-IN CHEMICAL  ANCHOR CAPSULES used with rebar or threaded studs for reliable anchoring in concrete or solid brick or stone.
IKA Chemical Anchor Studs  CHEMICAL STUDS
IKA CHEMICAL ANCHOR STUDS are used in conjunction with the Chemical. We supply studs lenghts off the shelf cut to typical installation requirements, taking in to account the chemical “Standard Embedment Depths”. We supply 5.8 Grade Steel, 8.8 Grade Steel, Electro plated or Hot Dip Galvanised, Stainless Steel 304 (A2) and 316 (A4) grades. All our chemical studs come with an Nut and Washer. Additional stud lengths, nuts and washers can also be supplied.
IKA CES 585ML Pure Epoxy Injection Chemical  IKA-CES_n
NEW IKA-CES 585ml PURE EPOXY CHEMICAL ANCHOR CARTRIDGE, pure Epoxy resin designed for highest performance installations. Awarded with a new ETA(European Technical Appoval) 15/0130. For use in the construction steel anchoring with C2 Seismic qualifications covering post-installed rebar and diamond drilled holes. The larger volume 585ml allows for larger diameter holes and deeper embedment benefits.
IKA CEII 400ML Pure Epoxy  Injection Chemical Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA-CEII 400ml PURE EPOXY CHEMICAL ANCHOR  CARTRIDGE, highest load chemical anchoring of rebar, threaded studs or threaded rod in concrete and natural stone including larger diameters and/or deeper imbedments..
IKA CV 380 + 30ML Vinylester Injection Chemical Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA-CV 380ml + 30ml VINYLESTER CHEMICAL ANCHOR CARTRIDGE, highest load chemical anchoring of rebar, threaded studs or threaded rod in concrete, solid brick or stone.  CE approved for cracked and un-cracked concrete and fire rated.
IKA CPIII 300ML Polyester Injection Chemical Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA – CPIII – New generation POLYESTER CHEMICAL ANCHOR CARTRIDGE, higher load chemical anchoring of threaded studs or threaded rod in solid or cavity concrete or brick.  CE approved for solid and cavity applications.
Chemical Injection Guns, 300ML, 380ML, 410ML, Duel Chamber 400ML Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA Chemical anchor cartridge dispenser guns and chemical anchor sleeves for cavity application.  PDF Doc for more information on Different guns.
Chemical Cavity Sleeves and Threaded Rod Chemical Bonded Anchors
IKA Chemical anchor sleeves for cavity applications and threaded rod.  PDF Doc for detailed information on different types of Sleeves and Threaded Rods.
Chemical Installation Guide How to install chemical anchors, correctly. A step by step guide on how to ensure correct installation of chemical anchor studs and threaded bar and rebar. The guide will ensure successful anchoring in solid and hollow cavity materials. By following these guidelines, safe and reliable installation according to chemical specification data per anchor can be ensured.  
Silicone Polyurethane Sealant Adhesive VOC Classification A+ meaning a very low emissions risk of toxicity by inhalation. For indoor and outdoor bonding of common building materials including cast concrete products (Prefabricated elements), stairs, window frames. Sealing between construction elements. Excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, ceramic, tiles, wood, aluminium, brick and plaster board and securing cornicing!  
Flashing Tape High performance water proof, roofing, flashing tape made of high performance butyl compound protected by a reinforced aluminium film, with high resistance to ageing and weathering and UV-rays. Sealing of roofs and chimneys, skylights and geyser pipes. Flashing on canopies and trailers, doors or window frames and glass conservatories. Repair to gutters and downpipes. Excellent adhesion to all common building materials: Glass, steel, aluminium and PVC!